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[December 25th, 2008]

we just hope that you made it
we hope that you're celebrating with people you've missed
and burning like a beacon, guiding our ship around this hellish shoal
i'm happy to admit that maybe i am a little depressed 'cause i'm missing you to death

one year.
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general ramblings [October 7th, 2008]
jenny beer got a tramp stamp. ew ew ew. the thought of why its called a tramp stamp + jenny beer makes me want to throw up! and it's a shit unoriginal swirly design. i cant stand shitty tattoos that dont mean anything. for fucks sake, its there for the rest of your life, make it good! lyrics/quotes and pieces drawn by you or a friend designed by you involving stuff that means something to you are fine. stars, tribal tattoos and chinese/arabic writing (if you dont speak the language dont fucking bother) piss me off so bad. as does going into a tattoo parlor and pointing at a design on the wall like a dragon or tiger.
trad tattoos i do like though, they may not be the most original tattoo ever but i do like them a lot as long as theyre done well.

here are some examples of tattoos i hate and likeCollapse )
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[August 17th, 2008]
i am a man magnet.
well no not really, but still!
as some poet once said (i think it was wendy cope)
"bloody men are like bloody buses..."

i need to update with a shit load of photos but i cant be arsed to attempt the scanner atm.
maybe soon.

also laura, if you read this. GET BACK TO LEEDS! we need a night out. theres some new night on a tues at subculture starting on the 2nd of next month. im going to check it out, its rock, pop and pop-punk. the cockpit is getting a bit too studenty nowadays (omg i cant believe im knocking slam dunk!) so i wouldnt mind checking somewhere else out. and we all know subculture have the best toilets!
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[September 16th, 2007]
the best nights are spent dancing to pop-punk in a crowded room, drinking too much goldschlager, buying a pizza and chatting to the taxi driver on the way home.

the best mornings are spent, with your makeup on your pillow, an empty pizza box on your floor and a friend who is feeling rougher than you.

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